Angel Number 321 – Meaning and Symbolism

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That cosmic force, which people call with different names – God, Divine power, Nature, Kosmos, Eternal light, Mother, does exist and often communicate with the human world through various channels. Since people started looking for the answers, numerology stood out as the perfect way to understand the messages from that force.

Because, all of us have individual abilities, powers, and path in life which was intended for us, but sometimes it’s tough to comprehend what they are. Each angel number has value, its one unique power, ability and it spreads vibrations into the world, but also affect on the number barrier.

Knowing what your angel number is and how it affects you, will help you understand yourself, what is your character, your skills, and talents; what is your purpose in life, and what is your final destination. Knowing these answers makes living easier.

Until you find what that destination is, angel number can help you in spending your life in the best possible way; because life has some beautiful things to offer, you just have to find it.

Also, numbers can help find what you like to do in life, what is the perfect time for significant moves in life; numbers can assist you in gaining wealth, where to invest your time and money when to marry and have kids. Let us not forget; angel numbers can have an immense impact on your children; from the way you are parenting to better understanding your children’s needs, to help them to find true happiness and safety in life.

There is no aspect of life in which angel numbers don’t have potential to help you.

Angel number 321 – What does it mean?

Angel number 321 is one number that has great opportunities in life; he is blessed with high energy, useful talents, doesn’t have a karmic debt, he looks attractive, he is a communicative and an open person.

Number 321 has just enough friends that are important to them; they love creative work, but we can find this number in many different occupations, and they are equally successful in all of them.

On top of all this, number 321 has in his numerological chart possibility of winning a large amount of money (by inheritance or some lottery gain).

What is their flaw, you will wonder? Like all of us, they do have many flaws, and one of them is very specific. Because their angel number represents downward row 3- 2 -1, their life path can also sometimes go downward.

This downward spiral can be manifested in many ways, from losing loved one to losing house as a result of an unfortunate event or losing a great job. Number 321 can encounter some difficult situations in life, but he can be determined and resilient and can survive anything.

Secret meaning and symbolism

By just looking at the number 321, we can see that he belongs to a more lucky group of numbers because they are three-digit numbers that start with number 3, which is considered to be a fortunate number with high vibrations.

Number 3 gives number 321 joy, creativity, imagination and sense of humor, endless enjoyment of life and skillful handling of words. These traits make number 321 person who always looks on the brighter side of life and never lose its optimistic points of view.

Also, here we can see one more “specificum” that is connected to the number 321 – there are three basic angel numbers in a row (this is immensely valuable, and we will discuss this issue in the last section of this article).

Number 2 which is usually considered to be an unfortunate number and that brings series of bad opportunities, here has weaker power. Here, number two brings duality( good and bad are shifting they’re prime), but at the same time, it represents a hidden force that seeks to put everything in its place.

Also, this figure ends with the incredibly strong number 1 which bring to the number 321 new beginnings and a fresh start after every failure and problem. This ability is essential because as we have said, number 321 can encounter some difficulties in life, and they usually come after some prosperous period in their life.

Number 321 and Love

Here we can describe one of the greatest love stories that exist, number 321 know what real love is, and when he finds it, he knows how to take care of it; he doesn’t have any doubts about who that person is.

At a young age, number 321 can experience a lot of regarding love, but nothing extreme – he falls in love, break up, suffer, and that again repeat the whole cycle. The important fact here is that number 321 accepts suffering and pain as a regular and integrative part of the life; it comes, it goes, and we feel better after.

Here we can see a healthy attitude that number 321 has towards life, and also its ability to start over with an open heart after every mistake, which is not such a common trait in people.

When number 321 finds his true soulmate, this connection can last forever. Number 321 is love and understanding partner, with incredible tolerance and kindness; this number sees his marriage as a secret temple in which he will never bring anything negative. That unity is a place of worship, and there is no room for jealousy, neglecting and cheating.

Children come as a crown of that love, number 321 usually have three or more children, and often make a big household where many generations live in harmony.

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Interesting Fact about number 321

We use these three numbers on a daily basis; it has come like second nature to us. By saying 3-2-1 we usually mean that we are ready to go, it marks our readiness to start something new, fast.

It implies that moment where we need to be the most focused and confident; everything that we dreamed and wanted up to that point disappears and only matters that we start our “race.” Fear, as our greatest enemy needs to go away, and any disabling factor needs to be overcome.

What to do when you see number 321?

All angel messages are critical, all of them have significant meaning in our lives, no doubt about it. But some angel numbers are more alarming than others, and that’s why there are behind such distinctive numbers, like in this case 321. This sequence is easily visible, and that is because of its alarming nature. Angels are saying that this message is more important if these numbers appear in dreams, but more importantly in a row like 321321321.

Angels want to tell that if you see the downward sequence numbers, such as 321, many times, this is a sign of your Guardian Angels are worried about you, they want to tell you that you have a problem with negative thoughts, even you have no reason for that.  It is an indication that your life will decline if you act according to the course of thought – negative thoughts, negative life. Here angels are talking about your life, which you don’t appreciate much, you are happy and everything, but your mind is filled with dangerous energy like you wait for something bad to happen and to ruin your happiness.

Angels are warning you to stop sabotaging your success and happiness; they are telling you that bad habit of negative thinking came to be part of your character, and that is very hard to get rid of it. So time does matter here, start from this second reminding yourself about all good things you have, remember what your true blessings are, angels are suggesting.

After that, first and most crucial step, you can proceed with the second phase, which has a task to free you from negativity. That level implies a form of meditation, any of your choice, where you “program” your brain to gives positive vibrations and to push away bad vibrations.

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