Angel Number 219 – Meaning and Symbolism

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What is the name of the science (method or discipline) which can help us to understand secrets of the universe, our character, our destiny; and which can help us to find answers during the road called life? Better than psychology or astrology, it is Angel numerology – a science of the angel numbers.

Angel numerology is based on the premise that is possible to determine the character of a particular person; a method that points to the important goals that a person wants to achieve in life; ultimately provides an insight into the individual’s abilities in this life and his mistakes from a previous life.

We will remind again, that the roots of the numerology were found in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India. The most popular and first sources of numerology originate from the time of ancient Hebrew (Kabbalah).

Angel number 219 – what does it mean?

This number is a very emotional number, has the power to negotiate, mediate, but it is also someone who has great fears. Things turn out the best for them if they listen to their inner voice and intuition – it is mandatory to gain more confidence. Number 219 has frequent mood changes, so it’s difficult for the environment, their friends and family love them anyway.

This number is an individualist in work environment, that way they give the best results, in their own time and paste without any authority or boss.

During life, number 219 needs to learn to love self and to forgive himself, because they are sometimes haunted by the feeling of failure, and that stops them from succeeding in life to the full extent.

Secret meaning and symbolism

To understand the secret and hidden symbolism behind the number 219, we should observe it, divided into his constitution parts – numbers 2, 1 and 9. They all affect number 219.

Number 2 is considered to be a woman’s principle, and its ruler is the Moon. His main effect on the number 219 is that it gives him changes, a continuum of variations, and this includes mood swings, so as his luck, from dangerous circumstances to an incredible fortune.

Number 3 denotes a male principle – it symbolizes strength and originality. It works well in complex situations, thanks to an excellent analysis, but he should learn patience. This number is connected to somewhat fortune circumstances in life, and in most part, it is related to a start of new beginnings that are more fortunate than cycle before.

Finally, number 9  gives number 219 also a female principle – it is said that number 219, because of the influence of the number 9 represents the old soul that came to the planet to help others. Their job is to inspire and encourage the best in people.

Number 219 and Love

As we saw in a previous section, number 219 has a high female principle, and in love, that means that this figure 219 has great success in love.

If it is a woman number 219, it is a strong woman who knows what she wants from love, she is confident and seductive, and during life, she has a string of serious relationships which lead to marriage (also satisfactory and long-lasting).

If it’s a male number 219, he is also connected to his female side, and he understands women, so he also has success in his love life – but, he is a little more relaxed and sexually active, but a great partner in love, eventually.

Interesting Facts about number 219

This number is very significant in the area of exploring cosmos, and it has significant meaning. It is the number of planets (219 earth like planets, where life can be created), that are found among the billions of other that are barren and empty, with no potential of life.

This correlation is significant, because number 219 is connected to a female principle, and by that, we mean denotes principles of birth and fertility – connection to the planets which can produce life.

What to do when you see number 219?

Angels are suggesting you through the number 219, that you need to approach the process of change in a way, and that cannot be any confusion about what are your goals and desires. If you don’t know what they are, you cannot change, and you will derail your “life train” from its correct path, its “ultimate station.” You will enter, angels are warning, into the process of stagnation, you will become confused, not knowing where and what is going on. Stagnation can be “the deadliest disease” for human progress, and if it lasts long, its consequences are irreversible.

Be determined, confident and direct, put all of your forces into knowing what your goal is, and the change will come into your life, and it will lead you to your actual destination.

Sometimes, things can be simple – it is enough to focus your thoughts and energy on your goal, without giving energy to the unwanted stuff, angels are reminding you once again.

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