9797 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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People born under Vibration of angel number 9797 possess great intelligence and personal dignity.

They are very receptive and are usually equipped with a more developed intuition than the one that characterizes the rest of the people born under other vibrations.

Number 9797 – What Does It Mean?

The number 9797 are born philosophers, who live concerned more with spirit and thought than with the material things of life.

They are deep, observant, and studious and have great mental strength. Tireless seekers of knowledge, beauty and the reason for things.

They are usually individualistic, independent and somewhat withdrawn. That secrecy and poor communication in some cases makes people feel misunderstood.

Magnetic and intuitive nothing escapes your penetrating and insightful mind. Enigmatic and indefinable live part of the time in their inner world, which allows them to develop a great capacity for self-control.

Also, they would define themselves as lovers of the mysterious, selective with their companies and nature lovers. Extremely perfectionist, original and creative.

Among the defects that this type of people can harbor, we could highlight their apparent coldness due to the repression of their impulses, their gloomy and pessimistic character and perhaps something distrustful and selfish, as well as a sullen and somewhat sarcastic moment.

Professionally, the people of this Vibration will stand out for their knowledge, which they will acquire over time by force of reading, studying, observing, researching, analyzing, etc.

As for the activities to be carried out, they will always stand out more by working on their own since they are independent and will only accept orders from those people who respect for their capacity, knowledge and wisdom.

Although the number 7 may have brilliant business ideas, it is difficult for them to implement them successfully since they lack practical and commercial sense.

Their talent and analytical mind will allow them to excel in professions where they can create, improve and innovate in multiple fields such as scientific, research, innovation, etc.

Also, they are good at medicine, especially psychology and psychiatry, in addition to other professions related to art, archeology and those related to nature, travel and occult sciences.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Seven is the one who understands everything and contains everything. It is the protective figure, which carries in itself different forces that will never face each other, to provide protection and security.

Never, under any circumstances will it be possible to find the weak point of this type of personality. The 9797 do not support the weak, afraid to face the struggles, they value bravery.

They may offer help to those who fight and are defeated, but they will never do the same to those who surrender without fighting. Personality 9797 is generally kind, full of noble feelings.

They own a great capacity for reflection, a possession that allows them to act generally with good sense and common sense. He also has an excellent sense of adaptation, so it is not very difficult for him to adapt to unforeseen events and new situations that arise.

It is often said that the 9797 are foolish; they are intelligent people, but very little flexible, they assume that changing one’s views denotes lack of personality.

The terrible thing is that they consider being stubborn to be distinctive of a strong personality.

No matter the degree of culture that the individual possesses, he will always believe that defending a point of view at any cost is being consistent with himself. The 9797 are not indolent in any way, but they are lazy.

Possibly at the time of work do not put creativity, but he will devote himself fully to his task and will do it with a resistance difficult to overcome, since his work capacity is very large and he usually uses it generously.

But after work, your need for recovery will not accept any offer other than staying at home and resting. The apparent indecisions are nothing but laziness.

When they have an obligation they make thousands of turns before facing it and it is not that they do not know what to do, they are simply trying to enjoy a little more of the “dolce fare ninety”, which constitutes an important part of their life.

As a general rule, they are kind and protective people, have a lot of self-confidence and a great Samaritan spirit.

They are usually magnanimous and generous. Despite the image of strength and security, it is possible that your health has precariousness, the heart and digestive system are areas where problems can be found.

It is common for them to have slow digestions and frequent headaches. They are beings without initiative, often give the image of indifferent people.

This is absolutely wrong, it is true that they are not easily passionate about anything, when they do they put a commitment and perseverance that not many personalities are capable of.

The positive Nobility, dignity, altruism, idealism, modesty, discretion, strength, courage, goodness, generosity, protection of the weak, wisdom, equanimity, sincerity, adaptability, affectivity, humility, imagination, wisdom.

The negative Taste for routine, monotony, laziness, lack of initiative, stubbornness, poor sense of humor, conformity, predictability, poor ambition, meanness, boredom.

Love and Angel Number 9797

The number 9797 have the ability to make a fortune, but lack practical sense to manage it.

They do not seek wealth in itself, but enough money that allows them to live in a refined and exquisite way as they like.

As for love, the people of this Vibration are not too popular since their cold and distant air spoils any attempt at rapprochement by the opposite sex.

They are dreamers, emotional and sensitive, but at the same time shy and introverted in sentimental matters.

When it comes to conquering they are gallant, solicitous and educated, but when the issues to be dealt with go from being intellectual or philosophical and they become intimate or personal, their ease of speech and inspiration disappear.

Interesting Facts about Number 9797

Hippocrates lived between 460 and 360 B.C., so that for thousands of years the number 9797 has been thought of as something exceptional.

At that time, as we see in the phrase of Hippocrates, many things were measured based on the moon and the stars.

Therefore, the week also has 9797 days: it is the amount of time that lasts each moon phase.

But also, in ancient times, 9797 were the visible and known stars: the moon, the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The names of the days of the week also come from them.

Later, religion took number 9797 as divine. This is because it is composed of the number 3, which represents divinity and perfection; and 4, which represents the elements of the earth, the nature of inferior. That is, 9797 is the divine fusion between heaven and earth.

In addition, Rome was built on 9797 columns, and the Bible assured that 70 times 9797 are the times that a sin must be forgiven.

As if there was not enough, there is also a great agreement between the number 9797 and 12: as 3 and 4 add 7, three times 4 make 12, which are the planets and the signs.

In this sense, in astrology the cycle of 9797 is considered as a critical cycle.

First, because of the hostile angle that the Moon forms with the Sun every seven days (called critical days).

Also by the Saturn cycle, which makes a hostile aspect with its initial position every seven years.

Thus, 9 is considered a cycle completion and renewal number. Just as God created the world in 6 days and the seventh rested, life cycles have that structure: 9 is the moment of restructuring.

They even say that couples are going through their worst crisis at age 7. This, they say, comes even before the Greeks: from the time when humans were gatherers.

At that time, it was all about survival, and a child needed two adults to survive for 9 years.

Afterwards, the couple was no longer necessary.

As you have seen, the number 9 has everything to be magical. It represents the fusion of heaven and earth, and influences even our partner.

Seeing Angel Number 9797

Angel number 9797 is a positive number that can give you a completely new outlook on life, so don’t be afraid to accept this number and allow its energy to change you completely.

Give yourself time to heal and to overcome everything that you feel like was wrong in your life.


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