800 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In today’s world, modern times that are filled with the unique kind of problems, with so many temptations and illusions, and not enough joy and happiness that comes from the spiritual pool, we often focus on what we lack and thus remain trapped in the area of ‘I don’t have and I can’t.

We repeat or hear from others these or similarly negative words that we are not even sure that what we think deep inside.

I have, and I can is so much more healing than “I don’t have, and I can’t,” and one “thank you” will do a miracle for your life and never forget that!

Just by speaking some different words, we could reach the dimension that is much more than expected, we can shift our perception of the world, and therefore that world changes dramatically. Many if not every Angel message has such positivity in its core.

Nothing stays the same, and our shift makes such a difference, even for others, it does not stay only on the personal level.

Pause for a moment, take a breath, and intuitively choose the path you want to walk from now, and it is true that the number that comes to you is always the number you resonate with the most.

It reveals when your wish will come true, and in what way; it is not something that you can expect and know, but the beauty of the unknown path is the hoy in life, just like the change itself.

Today, one very special number has come to you – very specific and meaningful – Angel number 800.

Read here what do Angels want to tell you when this number comes to you; its powers are amazing.

800 Angel Number – Interesting information

In many ways, Angel number 800 comes to the people who dream or want to dream, who are wondering about the fact that their dreams do not come true.

You are one of those people if this is your number – you have ever wondered why some people’s dreams come true, while other people’s dreams just pass.

In fact, everything is very simple, the energy is what is in the center of this story, and it is about the fact do you let it happen.

Some allow their dreams to come true, and others do not, in what category you belong?

There are people who impose many restrictions on themselves. They give little thanks, complain a lot and often find themselves without anything because of it.

After all, the negative attracts only the negative. Are you ready for your choice?

If you are, then you can step in the new reality, and the true meaning of Angel number 800 can come to you, with the best usage possible.

Angels are saying that you have to be open, patient, and everything will work out!

This magic number that has come to you, 800 seems to be whispering in your ear that something amazing is already coming. Just not as fast as you would like. You are impatient and often lose faith in a favorable outcome.

That is unnecessary. Everything you need is sure to happen when the time comes for it.

Meaning and Symbolism

Everything that has happened to you lately is interconnected with your dreams, along with the life you want to live, and aspects of it you want to correct.

This invisible chain of events fulfills your wish, so it is so important to know that you know how to accept the events that are coming to you.

Angel number 800 represents such potent energy that you may feel overwhelmed just like you are often tormented by feelings of guilt over past events, that you are dragging into the future or to the present.

Sometimes you think of some kind of escape, and now you have it; such a process requires you to be away from all people and problems in order to be alone with your thoughts and understand yourself.

Because of your sensitive nature, it is often difficult for others to understand what is actually going on with you.

Angels are helping you understand yourself, and the number 800 depicts the time necessary to set clear boundaries and become stronger when it comes to you and your needs.

If you speak with all your heart, it will be much easier for others to understand what you really need.

The wave of change began with the moment when you are ready to leave your traditionally assigned role, empower yourself, and rise above the role of the victim.

So, as you can see, the symbolical value of message 800 is energy, but on the highest possible level, it represents the creative energy of the Universe.

What this process does is that it helps your suffocated spiritual nature is freeing itself from the constraints of any conventions and rushing to meet its newly discovered freedom.

The old model of control and domination was beginning to weaken, slowly giving way to new, spiritual views of relations in the world.

However, such Divine energy will reach the highest range of its potentials only when it re-merges.

For that to happen, both sides of yourself, both body and soul, need to work on mutual respect and appreciation of their own differences.

Both sides are responsible for re-establishing harmonious relations, and the success of that goal will depend only on their efforts to overcome their limitations.

Accordingly, the spiritual energy of our age is slowly gaining new shape by discovering and nurturing the gentle side of its being.

When the culmination of these efforts is reached, the original dream of unity will be realized again, which will open the door to a new, nobler era of existence.

800 Angel Number in Love

Right away, we must speak of distinctive traits contributed to the number 8 that is the main element in this Angelical message, and that sometimes carries a deceptive nature.

Of course, here it can help you know what the deception is and how to avoid it.

In the case where the central theme is Love, not just any Love, but the term Divine Love takes the central stage.

Here, regarding your life, it is truly important to know that you very often fall for the tricks of deception, and then you believe that you know what Love is, and in fact, you are deceived.

There are evil people in your environment, not in the sense that they are bad as they are, they are clearly bad for you. You have to recognize them and get away from them.

You need to leave the comfort zone if you really want to start moving forward in life; the way you will know you are moving that direction is by the joyful feeling you have in your stomach.

You need more positive emotions in your life; then, every one of your actions will be filled with the spark of the Divine Love.

One more thing is here relevant, and Angels want you to know this – if your Love is not only declarative, but you truly feel it deep within yourself, you will have at your disposal a source of real wisdom, the power of healing, and unlimited knowledge.

This is a normal heart condition, and yes, it is related to the numeral 8, in its triple form, and connected to the Divine Love.

The Divine Love nurtures the traits that need to be nourished in order to be in harmony with ourselves, our partners, and the world around us.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Summon the power of the elements and rely on them in your quest for self-awareness and the feelings you want to awaken.

Keep in mind that the earth affects your body and sensuality, water controls emotions and the unconscious, fire directs passions, creativity, and the ability to intuition, and air directs communication.

Then try to get in touch with your spiritual side of the personality. If you really indulge and immerse yourself in meditation, you will intuitively feel what it is about.

Then imagine your masculine energy trying to satisfy that desire, supporting it, giving it support, and doing whatever it takes to convey its own strength and protection. Then open your eyes and relax.

You will know that both of your energies are in balance when you feel a strong influx of inner strength, creativity, Love, warmth, and wisdom.

Facts about 800 Angel Number

Angel number 800 is so specific, in terms that numerical sequence 800 is made out of one integral element, and it is number 8 that is enhanced by the double zero.

It is interesting to take a look at the symbolism of the numbers 8 and the double zero as the other part. They are interconnected and are magnifying each other’s traits.

They, in this way, connected in one meaningful message show all the processes in the Universe, the world in which we live, and even ourselves, were created by combining two energies.

For example, one creative energy is the one that is s driving and active; thanks to it, we think, speak, and act. Opposite it is the passive energy that we recognize as our own ability to intuition.

Both of them are necessary for our personal growth, and it is no wonder why the term energy is related to the number 8, as it is the symbol of the infinite energy.

But, we must speak here about the energy in the Divine terms – this is the representation of the invisible voice that tells us from the depths of our being how to act, communicates with us, and guides us through dreams.

When the impulse for movement is awakened, it attracts the energy of the Divinity, which gives these desires a concrete form (at the beginning of this piece we spoke of dreams, as a life you want to live, things you desire to change).

Now, at this moment, energies of the Universe and yourself are united in the magnificent act because then they are transformed into a new form of existence, energy with enormous creative potential.


As long as the Universal and your personal energy function in conjunction, all the processes in the world take place unhindered, and when they are in conflict, the balance of existing relationships is disturbed.

Namely, in your life, when you neglect your true nature, when you are distancing yourself from the Source, these energies can seem to be separated and became opposed to each other, and the consequences of that are intolerance, lack of understanding and tolerance, as well as constant conflicts.

This happens because these forces cannot exist on their own – there is always something Divine in the energy of your life and vice versa, just as there is a black dot in white and white in black.

As you could have seen for yourself, such a Universal “fight” is so beautifully depicted in the nature of the message 800; as all of it speaks to power, energy, and potency.

The Angelical task is to teach you to align these energies and move them in the right direction. It can be a tricky task, but on that path, you have their assistance.

In the end, let us conclude this numerical sequence that has come to you in a lighting way, in the way that you could never expect, in the form of 800.

What is more beautiful than a being on whose face the soul laughs – are you that being?

Has now, your life changed in a way that your energy is aligned and that your soul is constantly smiling because you know that everything is perfect, just as it should be.

Angels give you a one more deep and valuable lesson – all the energy you are carrying with yourself is seen in the smile of a soul.

It is the most beautiful gift, free, and precious, you can take it, and you can give it to others.

Sometimes we forget how healing it is, you were deceived, and you forgot about it.

Angels are saying in this message that every time you open locked doors with a smile, and you move rocks, you, in fact, use the energy to solve situations that seem insurmountable to you before, maybe even yesterday, or the day before.

Be happy that you are in their mercy, or that you have accepted it (because all of us are, we are deceived, let the Angelical beings tickle you, let you give you care, and they will give you smiles.


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