5252 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In this article you will be able to know the meaning of the number 5252  both in numerology, tarot and even in different beliefs, as well as some curiosities about this number, such as the fact that it is the number of keys that a piano has.

Number 5252 – What Does It Mean?

Being sad is not synonymous with being depressed. Depression brings sadness, but not only that.

In depression, the self-esteem of the person is on the ground, does not feel illusion for anything, or the fact of overcoming this sadness, and, in addition, is unable to make decisions for itself in a constant way.

Returning to the subject, the first thing to deal with sadness is to assume it. Sometimes we think we don’t deserve to be sad. We see everything we have, what we are … and we think we have no right to be sad.

But most of the time we don’t choose feelings, they just come to us. And if they are negative, the first step to overcome them is to accept that I have them. The second is to learn to know each other.

It is very important to be able to discover and describe what we feel. If at the question “How are you?” You don’t know how to explain yourself, you need to work on your introspection.

And now, we are prepared to express sadness. Don’t be afraid to do it. Shutting up an emotion will not necessarily make it disappear.

Do not share your sadness, it is like leaving within your soul a poison that will slowly eat it up until it destroys it completely. According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, there are five recipes to overcome sadness:

Do something good and that you like: when you’re sad, don’t stop spoiling yourself. Have a chocolate, watch a movie, exercise, go to a party, write your positive memories, etc.

Augustine himself tells us that when he hurt the death of his friend, only in groans and tears he found some rest.

Crying is not bad if the cause that causes it is serious. It is not an uncontrolled crying, but proportional to the cause of sadness. Crying is not the same because I lost a match, because a relative has died.

Share sadness with your friends. She is like a weight that overwhelms us and, therefore, when we feel that there are other arms carrying her, her weight is lightened.

Also, when someone shows me compassion, it is because they love me, and this makes sadness more bearable. Wow that is true! When we are sad, a good shower revives us. It helps us regain energy. To have clearer mind to make decisions.

And the dream, don’t even say it! As Saint Ambrose says: “the dream restores the weakened limbs for work, relieves fatigued minds and frees the distraught from their grief.”

So a little water and good hours to rest, can also be a remedy that helps mitigate sadness. The encounter with God in prayer: there is no one who understands us better than God. And that is why the best remedy will always be the encounter with Him.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

If you feel identified with the number 5252 and that is the reason why you want to know its meaning you have to know that it is usually seen as a number charged with positive influence.

Its influence serves to end the project and tasks in the right way, in a way that can ensure the success of these projects without unexpected surprises.

Experts believe that this number combines the ability to imagine a good path with the analytical vision, which allows projects to be carried out without leaving any loose ends, significantly minimizing the chances of an unexpected and unfortunate surprise.

On the other hand, if we look at the meaning of the number 5252 in the Egyptian tarot, we will notice that this number is represented by a female figure who has a flower in her hand.

This represents the mental process, the calculation and the reflection that we have to do in order to finish something correctly and without errors. It also refers to the intellectual processes that are necessary to create a project.

When this number is presented to us, it is a call to premeditation and to reflect in order to successfully complete our projects. Not only is it about projects such as entrepreneurship and business, but it is also related to the different life projects that we can establish throughout our lives.

You may be very interested in knowing what the number 5252 in numerology means, which represents a good influence to give a correct completion to projects, successful business termination and the possibility of tying up loose ends that will end negative relationships.

It also refers to the possibility of being able to finish the longings we have for a long time. This could represent the combination of imagination or creativity with the analytical capacity of people, being able to see the same problem from several points of view. It is even possible to deepen the search for truth.

Love and Angel Number 5252

If we are to criticize something that we do not like, better to address the behavior than the person. That is to say, there are those who, in the middle of an argument, do not hesitate to execute a series of Machiavellian strategies to give where it hurts the most, to establish a sight and not seen a kilometer away.

Compare the couple with other people we don’t like (you are doing the same thing as my sister or my best friend’s partner). Undervalue what the other person likes. Criticize their way of being, their physical appearance, their customs…

When the situation is getting complicated and emotions overwhelm us, it is best to give us some time. Stop, take a breath, and reflect.

Moreover, before a couple crisis we must take into account that factors such as anxiety, disappointment or momentary anguish can make us say things that we don’t really want.

Do you know how to listen? Most of us do not know how to do it effectively, especially when we go through a complex moment with another person.

Often, those who speak and react are our emotions, so you have to put the brain, balance, common sense and listen on the table to cope with those moments in the best way.

Let us therefore try to apply active listening. That where to keep silent and read in turn in the other person their fears, their needs, their internal realities.

In addition to hearing their words, one must be able to read nonverbal language.

Sometimes, looking for common activities and sharing time allows us to ignite the embers of our relationship.

For this, nothing better than to take into account those interests that you both usually have in common, agree on an exit, a route plan and then, let ourselves be carried away by spontaneity, by that here and now where often, emotions speak for themselves.

Trusting and also giving the couple their own time, not drowning them with calls or messages, and respecting their own space is a more than ideal strategy to work on these crises. Freedom is the germ of true love.

This is a fact that we cannot ignore, remember that trust is key in every authentic link, in every relationship we want to care for and preserve.

A couple crisis implies having to bear the burden of many fears and infinite uncertainties. We only think of the other person, his shadow, if he appears and his presence invades everything. It also collapses every fiber of our being.

Let us therefore allow ourselves a little time to attend, to take care of ourselves, to also focus on our health and needs.

Finally, the couple crisis will end up taking the appropriate path. Whether we return to the relationship or accept the break, we must face reality in all its nuances and with the greatest possible dignity.

Let us not therefore forget ourselves in no time. Let’s face whatever comes with courage and intelligence giving us the opportunity to learn from the whole process, take the direction you take.

Interesting Facts about Number 5252

The number 5252 is known as “Premeditation.” Although we would all like that in numbers and their meaning everything was positive, as in life, it has its negative side.

Fortunately, this negative side does not always occur, since it is usually the product of poor decision making.

The negative side of the number 5252 leads people to lead a lonely life due to their great selfishness that ended up separating them from all the people they considered important.

They become very mean people who win many enmities thanks to their bad character.

Staying close to the people we want and letting them help us is one of the best ways to avoid this negative side.

Just as it has a negative side, we can also find different benefits of the number 52. From them we can highlight that they are very intelligent, kind and patient people, who have a multifaceted personality.

They are people who have a great facility to learn new things, which causes them to become very wise people.

It is also normal for them to become very strong people capable of withstanding great tensions.

Sometimes these people separate themselves from everything material to lead a life focused on the spiritual.

That is why this number can also be seen as a product of separation.

Seeing Angel Number 5252

Seeing the angel number 5252 is going to have a significant impact on your train of thoughts, so don’t be afraid to let this number guide you into a brighter future.


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