488 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 488 represents people with a lot of vitality and energy, they radiate everywhere and encourage everyone with their joy that simply conquers.

These people are agile and resourceful, affectionate, talented, altruistic, communicative, and always in a friendly mood.

What Does Angel Number 488 Mean?

It is these traits that, when taken to extremes, can go to the other side and become negative, these people become superficial, frivolous, imagined, people who spend their lives in vain or become manipulators.

All of this can happen if they allow their negative side to dominate.

These are gentle people, they are passionate and very considerate, and they are also full of understanding.

They enter into relationships very easily, they most like to enjoy somewhere with their partner.

They need a partner who has a lot of energy and vitality, they do not get along best with people who are smarter and slower than them, they want to live their lives completely.

They like to hang out with couples who are engaged in some humanitarian or social vocation, and who have a good sense of justice.

Thanks to his courage and mental agility, intelligence, and talent, he will always do well in every field to which he dedicates himself, thanks to his positivity and joy he can attract many other people.

These people have a good initiative, they are great workers, they have great enthusiasm, so working for these people will be a very useful experience. Wondering in which professions they can succeed?

These are all those professions that have to do with the creative or artistic work, and generally with everything where art is present.

They can also excel in professions related to teaching, law, medicine, or selling something related to their beliefs.

When it comes to money, these people will earn it very easily, and that is something very positive.

There is also your intelligence and financial management skills. But these people are quite wasteful and generous people, so they should learn to control and adhere to a certain budget, otherwise, they are threatened to spend a large amount of money in a short time.

As friends, they are very good, because their optimistic and cheerful character, and also their charismatic energy give them an aura of brilliance, so it is no wonder that they attract a large number of people.

These people like to make a lot of plans, especially those whose activity is outdoors, they do not like to sit indoors at home, but there is no interesting happening in that.

When it comes to family, as parents, these people are beloved parents, who have a progressive and liberal mind, and most of all they want me to be best friends with their children.

In fact, the love of people under the influence of angel number 488 loves life very much, and this allows them to get along quite well with the thoughts of young people.

There is a danger of a lack of discipline, as it can happen that some things get complicated, they seem to lack a firm hand or some degree of authority.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

These people want to be first and to lead, and they can’t bear to be second. They are creative, independent, and individualistic, self-sufficient, and original.

Their ambition is great, they are very determined and there is a risk that they will become the best.

They have good characteristics for leaders or commanders, so they are ideal for performing all tasks as untidy, all thanks to their energy, charisma, and drama.

They do not like authorities and most often rebel against them. Because it is difficult for them to carry out the orders of people who are also superior because they consider them inferior.

These people are very sincere, have a great sense of humor, are loyal, but can sometimes be vicious and vindictive.

When it comes to their downside, they are often hurt by their sarcasm, are somewhat selfish and insensitive, and can be overly dictatorial and authoritative.

These are great conquerors, they are passionate and likable. They fall in love very easily. A brilliant mind and great charisma will do a lot in the field of love, but they must take care and be careful not to neglect the flame that maintains their relationship.

These are pretty dominant people, they want to run their relationships, they don’t like to aim for contradictions, and they also don’t like advice.

They will try to possess and absorb, hate attachment, and control. If something similar happens to them, their relationship will be easily severed.

They are quite nice and gentle, but they have a personality that is changeable, so from this mood they can hurt and panic.

They know to be very rational and cold, they act more with the head than the heart.

Number 488 and Love

They have great empathy for other people, they are cooperative, kind, modest, helpful, and adaptable. Their life goal is to be in harmony and peace with other people.

They run away from conflicts because they can’t stand them, they are very peaceful and will always look for a diplomatic solution to a conflict.

They also have a gift for mediation, they can be good judges, and they also cultivate a love of art.

These people are pretty hardworking people, they are efficient and very good as friends.

However, there is a high dependence on others, so their insecurity can easily make them frustrated, depressed or underestimated.

These people suffer from complexes of great inferiority, so they are very susceptible to anything that can provoke their emotions.

Also, these people are very romantic and like to indulge in sweet and minimal things in love.

Their desire is to always please others, and when it comes to their partner, they will strive for harmony and peace in their relationship.

People under the influence of angel number 488 are responsible, efficient, diligent, and very accommodating. Man’s aim can be that they are careful and extremely great perfectionists.

All this is happening because of their inferiority complex, and the great attention they give themselves, and that is somewhat fine, but if they overdo it, they can very easily endanger their health.

These people are not born to be leaders, they will rather stay in the shadows and support the ideas that others have.

They are very good at mediation, and also in cooperation with other people, and all activities in which they are not exposed to some life risks.

Interesting Facts about Number 488

People under the influence of angel number 488 have the opportunity to make quick decisions when they are under pressure, and his innovative visions and ideas will constantly follow him in his business world.

They will always seek admiration and approval, so they can easily be winners, but because of the risk they can have consequences and become the biggest losers.

When it comes to money, they will never run out of it, so they can count on wealth in their lives.

However, they must dominate and control some of the risks associated with their business.

People under the influence of angel number 488 want as parents to be open and liberal, in relation to their children, and they want to be more friends than parents.

Sometimes they are overly authoritative with their children, while sometimes they are too lenient with them.

They need to learn to balance these changes and to play the right role in every circumstance.

When it comes to friendship, people under the influence of angel number 488 are very sincere, have a really great sense of humor, have a natural magnetism, and connect with people very well.

They should criticize less and avoid sarcasm because they can really offend someone a lot.

What Does Angel Number 488 Mean?

People under the influence of angel number 488 have a great ability to lead, which makes them destined for success and triumph.

They are willing to work hard to achieve their goals through interaction on their projects.

It is not uncommon for these people to be at the head of a firm or company.


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