3939 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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We must not ignore the relevance of composite numbers, the numerical results prior to their reduction. In theory they would also be carriers of messages, which we should try to understand in context.

They are generally defined between 10 and 99, the former being understood as the dominant and the latter as the one that supports or accentuates the former.

There are authors who reach 54 considering that the preponderance after this figure is decreasing and becoming a repetitive process.

The important thing is to point out that there are no negative combinations, since there are no “bad” numbers; they only indicate moments of crisis or important conflicts.

We must also consider that the human being is full of dualities, which are perfectly represented when these composite figures appear, which provide us with a better interpretation than just by using the basic numbers.

Number 3939 – What Does It Mean?

According to Google, happiness “is an emotion that occurs in a living being when he thinks he has reached a desired goal”, for the Greeks “it was the most precious asset that man could obtain”;

Science says that genetic predispositions are 50% involved in the possibility of finding happiness. In the 70s, debates arose as to whether this was linked to the economy, and so one could continue with endless conclusions obtained over time.

As Seneca said, “All men, Brother Galion, want to live happily. But they walk blindly when they try to find what makes life happy.

It is not easy, therefore, to achieve happiness, then, the more eagerness one look, the more you get away from it if you have mistaken the road. The same speed is the cause of greater distance, if the road goes in the opposite direction.

The reality is that we are all different, and as a result, each one within them has a different definition of happiness, but we are conditioned and influenced by many social, religious and cultural factors (among many others).

In essence we are free and above all rational beings, so we have the power to decide how we want to live and set aside both the system and the mandates imposed when choosing our daily actions, because they are the ones that mark our way of lifetime; not others, who think outside and judge us by our way of thinking or living. One must listen to oneself, do what one really feels, satisfying their own needs without harming anyone.

Freeing yourself from prejudices, living and letting others live in their own way, is the basics when it comes to understanding how to find happiness. “When we see that we have overcome what oppressed us,” according to Nietzsche, it is when we manage to be happy.

Happiness must be something constant, not something that is sought, or a goal. It is something that we carry within us, in every thought, in every dream and feeling, not something that has to be left for later, it is something that belongs to the here and now, because the future is the most uncertain thing that exists, and the present is the only thing we have insured.

The only religion that approaches this free thought is that of Buddha Gautama, since it states that “there is no way to happiness: happiness is the way”.

The secret is to enjoy the process, accept and love what you have in the present, seek progress without obsessing; the experiences that are obtained along the way are those that enrich the soul, the small details and those moments that many consider insignificant.

Modern society associates the meaning of happiness with the material, with ephemeral moments, with money, beauty or luck.

All this does nothing but move away from the true feeling because it is due to the external and superficial, the real is born from another side, it comes from an internal recognition; experiencing well-being requires our action: healthy behaviors, healthy emotional ties and altruism help us feel good and it’s free.

We are in an era in which young people are more listened to than ever, where awareness is the topic of the moment, we take advantage to bet on healthy lifestyles, happy people can make a better world.

Are you going to keep waiting for a passing moment to be happy? Or are you going to start breathing deeply and live as your heart dictates?

Do not be afraid, take a chance; do not dream your life, live your dreams and dare to learn how to find happiness. The impossible only takes a little longer, the decision to start living as you want and free yourself is in you.

As Plato said: “The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends on himself, not on others, has adopted the best plan to live happily.”

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The number 39 has quite a few curiosities, as it can be divided into a number of prime numbers (3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13) and the same time is the result of multiplying the first with the last (3 × 13).

However, we are not here to know these details, but to understand the meaning of number 39, the different meanings that can have in the life of a person.

In different countries and cultures the number may have different meanings or interpretations. For example, in Shabbat there are a number of forbidden activities (according to Halakha), but things in Afghanistan are seen as a number of things to suit. Asimism, is the number of books that had the Old Testament.

But in this case we will give more importance to its numerology or to what numerologists think, which we see as a number that links people to the oratory and literary creation. Follow through to know what the number 39 and the different aspects of the number mean.

As I mentioned earlier, the meaning of number 39 in numerology is related to oratory, to say, to the use of the words, to personal selling, and to expression.

On the one hand, the number 3 side, the number represents the sanitation, the objectivity, the metaphysics, and the concern for the good. On the other hand, the influence that number 9 has is related to the ability of oratory and creativity.

Like all numbers, number 39 has a negative side. These negative aspects do not always present themselves, as on some occasions people have the power to put them aside, making good life decisions and growing as people who make the best possible decisions.

When people who are identified with this number follow a bad path, they should receive and cause fraud.

Asimismo, in spite of having a great creativity, can be converted into personas that are very perverse that hack less than it can and when this lack of activity causes problems, become innocent and hack all possible for blaming the people around them.

In this case, people can use their creativity and oratory to help themselves and their goals by trying to manipulate people and their problems.

For some time you will think that if you have been saved by your own, you will eventually see all these problems reaching out and ending up on the ground, separated from all the people who at some point in your life cared about them.

Love and Angel Number 3939

The people who identify with the number 39 must be romantic, philosophers, idealists and benevolent. They are the person who has a very sharp intelligence and a great imagination.

They are people who are generally concerned about the blessing of other people, why they see that they are interested in social projects, or what they have to do to help them.

One of the biggest winners of feeling identified with this number is that you are personas will be rewarded with beliefs for all that they can help you with.

That is why they have to have lives when they travel a lot, eventually marrying a very advanced age because so much of their life has provided so many opportunities and adventures that they have not been established for a very long time.

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Interesting Facts about Number 3939

Occidental civilization is characterized by its extreme pragmatism, which will always consider it always with preference all that is real and tangible, marginalizing the imaginative.

This reduction and a lot sometimes the annulment, the imaginative sense and the misfortune and if in the Anglican and Germanic people and north of them.

On the contrary the Latin are the most imaginative, and even in Spain we refer jokingly to the Germanic dictators, who have the square head, without giving us the view that this same opinion may have to us of the Eastern ones.

As we fade into the east, we enter, in what we call the eastern civilization, whatever, the imaginative exceeds the real.

The concept of time and its supply also varies with respect to the criteria that apply in the Western world.

All these differences between those of the Eastern and Occidental civilizations, if much more acute, if we go back to the Eastern antiquities of the biblical times, before and after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

An important realization of their differentiation from these mentalities is a reference to the symbolism that enchants much of the messages of the sacred texts. In one world, in the occidental, the symbolism practically lacks value, but in the eastern world, all has an extraordinary symbolic meaning.

Seeing Angel Number 3939

It represents the oratory, the good use of the words, the expression, and the personal seal. By its root 3, it is related to healing, metaphysics, objectivity and concern for the welfare of the soul.

The 9 gives an influence relative to literary creativity and the ability to give good speeches.


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