3838 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In this article we will talk about the meaning of the number 38, a number that is more important than many think. Why?

Actually, it is a number that symbolism experts represent as a number that greatly influences the lives of people who are guided by it, giving them the ease of sustaining lasting personal relationships, especially from a romantic viewpoint.

Number 3838 – What Does It Mean?

Number 38 is constituted by a combination of attributes of number 3 and number 8. Or number 3 refers to vibrations of inspiration and creativity, self-expression and communication, crescents, expansion and principles of increase, spontaneity, encouragement and assistance…

The number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters, and indicates that the Ascended Masters are with you, assisting when requested. Ascended Masters Help you focus on the divine spark within yourself and others, and help manifest your desired results. They help you find peace, clarity and love within yourself.

Generally, these people are kept in a tense work environment, as they like to be controlling and in some occasions they can pass a little hand.

Despite this, these people quickly achieve success, since they dedicate every moment of their lives to fulfilling each of the necessary requirements to reach the top.

Now, if we see the number 3838   through its symbolism; we can notice that it has great positive and negative aspects.

Therefore, we have decided to talk about them to the fullest. One of the positive elements that most represents the number thirty-eight, is that the people defined with these digits are artistic and intuitive people. In addition, they are also emotional people.

In whatever place or circumstance they are, they are always seeing the most favorable side of life.

Although, they always do it without neglecting the consequences that some action can commit or to the level so high that a situation can become.

Now, although the meaning of the number 3838   has great negative aspects to consider; only two of them stand out. The first aspect is that these people tend to be clueless souls.

On several occasions, they can be in a world of imagination while they are in a work meeting or just talking to someone.

Finally, the second negative aspect of people defined with thirty-eight, is that they are usually strong people, if things do not happen as they expected or some situation is not to their liking, they usually react in a hysterical way.

These people must learn to improve their character so that in this way, they can improve their social, family and work environment.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

That’s right, but not only in terms of personal relationships, but also these people have a great facility for teamwork, diplomacy and for fellowship.

Also, this number can also enhance the creativity and sensitivity of people. They are creative and cooperative people who usually become those friends that everyone esteem.

Numerology is the way in which many people know the meaning of a number or what that number represents for their lives.

As for the numerology of the number 38, it is a number that unites the masculine with the feminine, the intuition with the criterion, the force with the ambition. It is a very spiritual and very powerful number.

On many occasions we can find that it has been stigmatized as a negative number thanks to the conflict between the two sexes, as well as the conflict between activity and passivity.

However, it is necessary to understand that in reality the number is composed as something complementary and not as two opposites, that is, the two sides have to complement each other, not fight each other.

As I mentioned earlier, although at first glance it might seem like a number that only negative aspects, it also has some negative aspects that go beyond the battle between its two sides.

People who are guided by this number usually live in the clouds, rarely see reality as it is, since they only land occasionally and when something strong happens that forces it to land.

Depending on the person, you can become a very dishonest person along the way, being a misplaced person and even becoming disturbing.

It is necessary to make good decisions and find a balance between the thoughts that collide with each other, so that the negative aspects of the number can be reduced and only those good aspects remain, since finding a balance is one of the best ways to move forward.

In the lives of people who feel identified or identified with the number 3838   many women will intervene, some of them will do it for good and others for bad.

This is a person who is gifted for the arts, since he is very intuitive and sensitive, although his mood can change. That is why in most cases they are difficult to understand, rare and extravagant people.

They are also people who are clear that happiness not only depends on money, but more important is the people with whom they share their lives. Thanks to this they are usually a person who become good parents, good teachers, and friends and feels a great attraction to educational things and teaching.

Without a doubt, the controversy of knowing what the true meaning of the number 3838   is impressive. In one part of the media, we discuss the amount of negative sides that this number may have.

While, in the other part of the networks we talk about how positive and beneficial this figure can be. For this reason, you should stay and read until the end. We assure you that you will not regret it!

According to the experts in numerology, the representation of each number is given by the union of the meanings of each figure that compose it.

Therefore, in order to deduce the representation of the number 38, it is important to know what the meaning of each digit that composes it is and what positive and / or negative aspects can be deduced or added from each of them.

Love and Angel Number 3838

On the other hand, the number eight is a figure that represents control and organization. A definite person with this new one is very organized, who likes to keep everything in his hands.

It is controlling and dominant, it requires that the people in your environment follow each and every one of your orders or instructions.

The number three is a number known to represent emotions. A person defined with that figure, is a totally sincere person, it is not difficult for him to express what he feels or say what he thinks. These people are extremely familiar beings.

His life revolves around his work and his family. They don’t give up so easily. In their work environment, they are creative people with great ideas, they love that each and every one of the things flows in their own way.

Interesting Facts about Number 3838

The 3838   has come and nobody knows how it has been … well yes, it has actually appeared just after 37 and before 39, as usually happens.

In our small series of deliveries of meaning, curiosities and nicknames of bingo numbers we stop today in this even number, which in turn is the atomic number of strontium, which is used both in pyrotechnics and in the manufacture of atomic clocks. Always, yes, treated with caution because it burns like that without mere contact with the air.

If you are in Britain playing bingo, you can sing the number “thirty-eight”, if so hurry to answer “Christmas cake” that rhymes very well and also means “Christmas cake.” As mote that rhyme is much more understandable than the “stones” that has fallen to thirty-eight in Spanish and we have not found out where it comes from.

38 are the remedies that Bach flowers have available for those who are fans of homeopathy, and for casino fans is the number of boxes available in American roulette. It has just one more than the European since in addition to the boxes numbered from 0 to 36 it has the double zero box.

Parallel 3838   is also sadly known, since it separates the two Koreas, the one from the north and the South, since Japan surrendered after World War II in 1945.

But let’s stop talking about these empirical data and enter the field of the symbolism contained in the numbers: What does 3838 represent, according to the followers of numerology?

For them, 3838 is the number that influences the life of their sponsored by enhancing in them the ease of sustaining and establishing relationships with other people.

This is the number that inspires teamwork, fellowship and diplomacy. But not only that, it is also the number of romance since it is an influence that affects the ability to establish links with other human beings.

It also enhances creativity and artistic sensibility in people. Cooperatives, creatives, good friends … We all want a co-worker born under the influence of 38!

But the thing does not stay here, since they are not only gifted to establish relationships, but also act as “muses” and inspire and spread optimism. As we said: we all want one nearby.

If you are a fantastic 38, go out and share inspiration and joy. Long live the 38!

Seeing Angel Number 3838

As you can see, in general the meaning of the number 3838   is very positive, although the truth is that it can have different meanings and also has a negative side.

So if you want to know what the number 3838   means, keep reading, since here we will give you all the details you should know.


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