3636 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you want to know the meaning of the number 36 you have reached the right place, since in this article we will talk about the different meanings of this number.

We are going to discover the secret meaning a symbolism behind this powerful angel number, and what it actually represents when it comes into your world.

Number 3636 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 36 is telling you to break out of your comfort zone and overcome shyness.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood social groups is that of the shy. Not wanting to be the focus of attention in a society where what is valued is to stand out can be like presenting yourself to a marathon with your feet tied.

At school, a shy child may not dare to recognize that he has doubts in front of his classmates. Once an adult, he may not be able to make a presentation to those responsible for granting promotions. Being shy, although it may seem a minor problem, can condition a lifetime.

Many people confuse shyness with introversion, but they are not the same. Introverts are people who usually prefer solo activities to company, but who do not fear social gatherings.

The shy, on the other hand, want greater social contact but at the same time have an irrational fear of being rejected or judged by others, which causes them anxiety and frustration.

In this article I intend to demystify several myths about shyness, and also give you the keys so that you can begin to overcome it with guarantees.

But remember that there are no magic formulas. In the end you should always arm yourself with courage, count to three, and expose yourself to your fears.

Traditionally there has been a confrontation between evolutionary theory (a bad opinion of the rest of the tribe could mean exile) and the psychosocial explanation of shyness (more related to self-esteem and the label that put us as children). As you will see later in the uncovered myths, both are probably right.

Shyness is the feeling of insecurity, fear or anxiety that some people suffer in certain social situations for fear of being rejected, humiliated or judged negatively. This sensation makes it difficult to relate naturally to others, which causes the shy person to avoid the circumstances that cause anxiety.

When shyness becomes such a serious problem that seriously limits the quality of life we ​​talk about social phobia, a disorder that is usually accompanied by several physical symptoms and requires psychological treatment.

Numerous studies quantify that about 50% of people are shy in certain situations. There are those who have learned to hide it better, but the reality is that most of us have the same fears and doubts as you.

I know because sometimes I hear that I am skilled in social relations and that I have a lot of confidence. But the reality is different: I have as many insecurities as anyone and I can only overcome them by means of willpower.

My case is not unique. It means that many of those you consider more determined and socially skilled would say the same thing: that there are situations in which they get nervous but manage to overcome it.

He assumes that virtually everyone is shy to some degree. The difference is in intensity. It is tremendously liberating when you finally understand that the person in front of you can be as nervous as you and that he probably thanks in silence that you have taken the first step.

Shyness is not only related to self-esteem. There are people capable of lecturing in front of hundreds of people but who suffer as lambs in a face-to-face conversation with a stranger.

This type of situational shyness is very common. They are fears that only appear in certain situations, especially those that involve figures that we see superior to us, as teachers or very attractive people.

In what situations does your shyness trigger? Surely in those in which you think there is a risk of being judged or ashamed. But you must specify more: in front of new people? With people that attract you? When do you have to talk about yourself?

Knowing what your triggers are is the first step to overcome it, because only then can you identify before the thoughts that precede the emotions of shame and nerves and prevent them from becoming negative behaviors.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

It should also be remembered that around 36 degrees Celsius is the temperature of the human body in normal conditions (after 36.6 you are healthy as an apple, as long as it does not exceed 37)

As for the nicknames of this number of online bingo, 36 in Spanish is nicknamed Chestnut, and in English the call of “thirty six” is answered “three dozen” (that is, three dozen).

As for the meaning of 36, we have encountered several very interesting stories: it is the number associated with balance, as we told you at the beginning, and also with the vocation of teaching.

For Jewish tradition, 36 is loaded with meaning because of its use in the Torah texts. Also the Maori tradition has something to say since there were 36 gods involved in the creation of humanity.

As for what numerology has to say about the number 36, we are delighted to know that it is a number that represents the energies necessary for humanity to prosper. It is the humanitarian number par excellence, which is related to the concern for our future as a species.

The natives under their influence may not be very decisive – always according to the numerologists – but they will be the ones that identify the important problems. It is a number that inspires to think collectively, in a global consciousness.

For the Egyptian tarot, a huge pink hippo that is none other than the goddess Tueris, protector of births, accompanies a pregnant female figure and between the two represents the occasion of a new beginning, a new challenge or performance. A number with many good vibes, no doubt.

Love and Angel Number 3636

The significance of the numerology of number 36 is usually very positive, being loaded with balance and good vibes.

However, that does not mean that the negative side of the number 36 does not exist and these people are far from any negative aspect in their lives.

People who are related to this number can become selfish people who have ups and downs often. This is because they are people who often find more lies than truths in their lives, which can lead them to become depressed and think that all the people around them are

Leaving behind the negative sides of this number, it is also possible to find several positive aspects. People who identify with the number 36 are usually people who see things from a very broad perspective, in addition to being people who inspire confidence in others.

They are generally people who become good leaders, since they use their intuition to make the best decisions that give them a better future together with the people who depend on this person.

Likewise, they are usually people who have the capacity to face any problem that is put in front of them, always giving their best effort to overcome the problems and move on.

Interesting Facts about Number 3636

Thanks to the fact that there are many beliefs and many cultures, most of the numbers can have different meanings, and although this time we will talk about those that tend to be more relevant to people’s lives.

So if you want to know what the angel number 36 means, the first thing you have to know is that it is a number that is related to balance and cosmic forces. That is why many people believe that those who are connected with this number, or even those who come to dream of this number, are destined to have a balanced life in all aspects.

From a more religious point of view, in the Jewish religion, 36 is a number that represents the necessary energies for which humanity can prosper. That is, it is the humanitarian number that is related to the concern we have for the future of humans as a species.

On the other hand, in the Egyptian tarot the number 36 is represented by a huge pink hippo that represents the goddess Tueris, who is the protector of the births, accompanying the figure of the pregnant woman, which at the same time represents a new beginning.

If you want to know the numerology of the number 36 and its meaning, then you should know that this is a number that combines the qualities of 3 with those of the number 6, so that it achieves a great balance and great harmony. It is a number that is full of intuition and great positive aspirations.

That is why it is usually seen as the number of teaching, consulting, advice and even medicine. Along with 23 and 19, it is a number that leads people to achieve success in ways that not many achieve.

Seeing Angel Number 3636

This number is also loaded with good omens, especially those related to self-expression and creativity.

That is why many of the people who have the energy of this number end up being artists or working in educational centers teaching the best to young people.

Therefore, if this number, angel number 36, comes into your life, this means you are going to be blessed by your guardian angels and protected by their powers.

So be open minded and let these positive energies come in.


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