1699 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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You may not even be aware that you may feel strong, but you will see darkness at the bottom of the ocean, your soul, if you look deep inside yourself.

This is where the change process should start in your case, but you do not know where to start it.

Angels got your back, and for sure, they are the ones who know the real answer to all that has been bothering you for so long, and the mature, wise, and promising solutions are coming your way, Angel number 1699 that you have noticed and wonder what does it mean has entered your life.

Now, learn what this Divine number means and make your life great again.

Divine energy has now entered your life and has every intention to stay there.

When you find out more about Angelical’s intention in your case, you will be eternally grateful for letting the Divine energy become your chaperon.

1699 Angel Number – Interesting Information

This is the beginning of some new situations for you, 1 depicts this situation very clearly, and the double nine ensures that new things are arriving.

New jobs, new connections, raising the connection to a higher level, promotion, relocation, new hobbies are possible.

This falls under the category of manifestations that are seen in a material form, and do not feel guilty for wanting them, but they cannot be the main desire that rules all others.

All of this will clear the darkness from the ocean of your soul.

You feel the desire for change and enthusiasm, keep in mind that things are likely to happen faster when you are not stressing too much about them, especially if they are connected to spiritual growth.

Be sure that this numerical sequence is full of energy and the beginning of a new nine-year cycle for you (the double nine is a clear manifestation of it).

Angels are saying to you not to rush and be impatient; the door that needs to open for you will surely open.

Also, this is a time when you have to be brave to start some things.

Meaning and Symbolism

As you could see for yourself, there is no need to feel anything else but joy, since this magnificent number has entered your life, look at the message 1699 as a powerful talisman of wealth and abundance.

Just like a talisman, carry it with you wherever you go; let it be your eternal friend, especially in the darkness that covers your life.

Giving destiny never seems without expectations, so don’t forget to reciprocate and help others; Angels are reminding you in this message because it is the only way you could truly serve others.

From a symbolical point of view, Angel number 1699 is just like a new and unknown spark that will ignite today, and problems are being solved like a charm.

Fast and seemingly effortless, just do not resist the change they are carrying with them.

1699 Angel Number in Love

In front of you, you see increasing darkness as the blue disappears behind your back, but when you look at your life and all the experiences it gives with Love, as God made us with Love, and there is nothing that occurs in our lives that is not there for a reason.

Angel number 1699, in this sense, is teaching you how to move in the right direction, and the fact is that sometimes that direction is down. Moving down is necessary at times, like for you in the current moment.

When you find yourself in pitch darkness, just wait. Whatever comes your way, whatever shape and form you know is a part of you.

It is your part that manifests in the world – and the only way you will be able to overcome it is by Love. There is no other “eyes” that can see thought the darkness we often found ourselves in.

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Facts about 1699 Angel Number

Angel number 1699 is made out of two parts, one belongs to the number 16 that speaks of the area of the unknown part of you, it is the start (1), and that other side of the Universe, the Divine Real depicted in the numeral 6.

99 is the interesting part, made out of the double vibration of number 9, gives you the strength and wisdom to know that you are not almighty; you are a human being in the dark, who is not a superhero. It is okay.

The wisdom that comes in this message shows you the easiest way on how to hold your breath and dive into the ocean of your own self. Reach the bottom; enter the darkness.

Fear of the unknown is natural and normal. If it is easier for you, imagine a rope that reaches from the surface of the water to the bottom. Move along that rope. Head down.

And then swim to the surface, you are on the other side, prepared to take the blessings that await you.


There is no doubt Angel number 1699 announces gain, discipline, and strength need to conquer the darkness and deep, deep emotions.

Manifestations of your desires are very important, but don’t let them be the only ones in focus. Focus more on your soul, on what is its purpose, and then ask for something else.

With the knowledge and wisdom, this numerical sequence 1699 gives to you, and if you are patient enough, you become sovereign of the material world (you can have what you have always wanted, the job, money, etc.), but also of general well-being and spiritual progress, as the more important part of the progress.

Angels are saying in this numerical sequence 1699 that you can be a bit more careful on how you manage your time and emotions, watch if you have dedicated enough time to give it to things that really matter, but keep in sight the importance of emotional experiences and do not allow moments of joy to go unnoticed.


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