0555 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Many people will enter the first time in the realm of spiritual growth and expand their views when they feel that the negativity has taken its prime on them and that they cannot do it anymore.

Only if they could look further and notice what has been by their sides all the time.

As messages from the Divinity, numbers are sent from Angels to assist you in any problem you may need.

There are an infinite number of them, just like an infinitive number of “problems” and challenges” that may cause you to feel negative.

And how can you get rid of negative thoughts when they keep coming, is there any instant solution to get away from those thoughts?

There is – and one of them that have nothing but the positive message has entered into your life, it is Angel number 0555.

Read here what it means – how can it help you take your own life with both hands and enjoy it?

0555 Angel Number – Interesting Information

Angel number is coming into your life, right at the moment when you are not able to focus when your thoughts are going very fast, and this is the scenario that starts with every new day.

Unfortunately, for you, 80 to 90 percent of these thoughts are negative. It sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

It is just like vertigo that you cannot pull yourself from. This scary process is connected to the past, and you live in the present, so taking the past into the current moment means living in the past.

To get positive results, we need to refuse to think according to old patterns, become aware of our thoughts, and thus raise our vibration to give as little focus as possible to destructive thoughts, and that pulls us to the opposite side from the one we want to go towards.

But, there is one very relevant thing to remember, and it is in a close connection to Angel number 0555. It is the connection between thought and emotion.

It is precisely those thoughts to which we give meaning, that is, emotion that we feed our beliefs according to which we have learned to live.

Most of us remain trapped in a torrent of negative thoughts, and it seems almost impossible to get out of that vicious circle.

Now is the moment to stop, and with the usage of intuition, subconscious, and sixth sense, you can tell what those emotions that are making you feel great are!

0555 will help you find that significant answer to the most critical question of all – what is that that makes you happy?

Find the answer, and focus on it.

Meaning and Symbolism

That is why it is essential to listen to your intuition in every encounter, because it knows, like the whole Universe, when you are close to the answer that needs to complete your life.

When you realize that the answer is you, without anything from the outside, the Angelical mission in your case will be over, for now.

The idea behind this message is taking a human being who is in a deep need to change his or her focus on things that serve you.

Angel number is there to help you see what is that feeling that awakens a real feeling that tells – “Ignore the differences, dilemmas, and doubts; this is the right thing for you because you can feel it.

Rely on the feeling, even when your mind (negatively) says that there are no doubts about the connection with the soul, you are convinced of your connection, and you are ready to let go freely.

As you should.

The process itself is very hard when you are overthinking it. When you can let go of all thoughts and keep emotions, you are on the right track, for sure.

Remember that the connection to your soul is the one that remains connected until the end, in its entirety, and then it is time to get rid of the first and most important obstacle – the past that may have been negative.

The fear that bad experiences from the past will be repeated is one of the main sabotages on the way to a soul mate, new acquaintances, and Love, primarily self-love.

When it comes to the symbolism of Angel number 0555, it all comes down to one right frequency.

To change the wave, you have to do something different. Angel number 0555 reveals to you simple but powerful ways to raise your vibration of life, celebrating and appreciating yourself and your successes and victories every day. That means learning how to self-love in the first place, after which everything else comes.

It is important to realize how every relationship and encounter in your life happens for a reason, and when it comes to negative relationships, disappointments, and sad experiences, then the goal is clear – it is the time to learn a lesson and to move on into something else, not sticking to those emotions.

0555 Angel Number in Love

Angel number 0555, because it is so connected to the vibration of the number 5, speaks of three things that you could use to find Love in your life. They are intuition, subconscious and sixth sense – these three things will fire up when you feel that your soul needs Love because the connection between you and your soul is a completely unbreakable connection that is clear.

To attract into our lives what we want, be it Love, success, money, happiness, health, or something else, we need to raise our vibration to a high frequency because the higher the vibration, the more we contact ourselves. Then we are more able to set authentic intentions that reflect our desires.

When the Divine Love is present, when the fire of it lights up, you will feel an incredible connection. It will seem to you that you know the feeling from before. You already feel a certain responsibility and attachment, and you have a vision your relationship can develop.

And this is what is truly important in this case – the expansion of you, your Love, and everything that comes right after.

Facts about 0555 Angel Number

As you could see, number 5 is the main player in Angel message 0555; it appears three times, in fact, four times, because number 0 enhances its powers.

Traits associated with it are happiness, luck, fortunate events, intuition, sixth sense, etc. All tools you need to alter your vibration from “negative” to “positive”. It is not that events are positive or negative, but we see them as such; it takes time to learn how to “look” at the events.

Also, when we take a look at the sum vibration, in this case, we come to the number 15. It depicts a happy and contented human being who always thinks positive thoughts and thus creates his own choice and happiness (you can see how number 5, a happy number shows its traits).

Such a vibration gives you hope and strength to continue moving on your life path towards achieving his goals and dreams. And in doing so, you choose thoughts because you are aware that they affect the events and situations you create.

The number 5 enhanced with the zero – is there aligned in such a way that it raises life’s joy and life creation, influence your subconscious and thus reshape your habits, in your concrete case, the belief that it is easier to think negatively, how thoughts cannot change, as well as behaviors and reactions caused by these negative thoughts.

One more addition is necessary here – number 5 (in any shape or form, multiplied like in this case) focuses you on the current moment.

When you realize that the past is behind us, and the future is something that we are already creating in our thoughts today and that the only thing we have is the present moment to which we need to dedicate ourselves.


Let’s remember what 0555 says – everything is a miracle. It is also the beginning and base of an intuitive life (number 5, as its primary vibration, is connected to the intuition, as the primary weapon to find out what is right for us).

When you are only in your intellect, there is no possibility of a real connection with your soul. Nothing will happen in your head, and there is nothing perfect there. Your brilliance is in your heart and your spirit.

The exact opposite happens when we are on a low vibration of life energy and attract just the negative side of everything.

For example, if you are afraid that you will be left alone, you will attract just that into your life – situations, people, and events that will lead you accordingly.

Have you ever wondered who you are? Think now: Who am I? It does not matter what you do, or where you were born, it is about how you feel about yourself and the world, and what kind of vibration you send into the world. The Universe responds immediately with the same.

Angel number 0555 is in your life to remind you of whom you are and who you are meant to be.

In the end, there is one concrete tip that comes from your Angel – it knows what you need right now. Wake up a little earlier and give thanks for the day ahead and everything you will experience.

Do something relaxing like a short meditation with light meditation music and briefly visualize what you want that day, read a few pages of your favorite book, or say your favorite affirmations.

Whatever you choose, a wonderful feeling will accompany you throughout the day.

Angels want you to learn to raise the vibration of life, and your life can move in a new direction in which we will return life’s joy and passion, and new vistas and insights will open up that can lead us to that life we have dreamed about.

Make it an important and powerful life strategy, used from this day on. Pass it on the others; let it be the legacy of Angel number 0555.


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