0011 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Here are some common beliefs that are associated with Angels, and we can say that many of them are proven to be true – they are the light beings who are immortal, they live in the world that is not reachable to us, in a sense that we cannot see it in a material form, but we can communicate with it.

They are working on energetic levels, so they are energetic beings, who managed to ascend in due time on Earth, as it is because here on Earth, Angels and Saints are created, enlightened beings, working on themselves, cleaning their inner “house” from everything unnecessary.

So, what is unnecessary in human beings?

This is important to know because these are the aspects that are mostly subjects in Angelical numbers – ego, with its all its helpers that are called defects of various kinds.

Angels want to help us deal with these defects in the best way possible.

The fact is that we, as human beings are lethargic; we are the living “dead” who walk the Earth if our existence is not filled with the spiritual value in itself.

Angelical numbers, in all of their glory, want to put desirable one center of gravity in consciousness, despite the fact that we thousands of thoughts and each works for himself, instead of having one, one will, one law.

The process is hard but effective, with the Divine beings who are putting a shiny bow on our lives in vivid and clear colors.

It is wonderful to know that, in fact, many people claim that Angels appear connected to the rainbow; some even say that they love to create rainbows too, as a wish for a better world full of Love and support.

What did you wish for when you have become a recipient of the message that has come to you in a numerical form 0001?

Maybe it is the message that has passed a road that seemed to pass under a rainbow, you are currently under the rainbow, so take all gifts that are in front of you, or under it, and enjoy the ride!

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0011 Angel Number – Interesting information

Even if you are currently under the rainbow, and you have been the recipient of the message from the Divine 0011; it does not mean that there are not some warning over your head.

Angels want to assist you in the process because they know that when you are not participating in a chase for some answers (it is the process that lasts; it takes time).

Such a process opens up a much-needed space of inner peace and silence that allows you to focus and hear that truth that is already present in your heart and see clearly what the true nature of reality is, in fact.

It is the main thing to know when you come in contact with the numerical sequence 0011 – one more thing, if you are, metaphorically said under the rainbow, then give your focus to it.

Angels suggest that you do not give your attention lightly to something that doesn’t deserve it. So much in life depends on our attention and where we put the focus on – the focused object then grows, and we grow with it.

And what doesn’t deserve it is what isn’t of the greatest benefit to everyone. When something goes against the greatest good of all, it automatically goes against the truth, which means it is a lie and does not deserve our attention and time.

One more thing that needs to be said – Angel number 0011 shows the crosssection of life, on the line you are currently at, maybe a bit impressed by the images of the new world that it can be for you, where there are beautiful rainbows.

Why we use so much the word rainbow here?

Because it is proof that Angelical beings are with you, closer than you ever think, it is the manifestation of a pure miracle.

Angel number 0011 comes to your life accompanied by the feeling that we are our own energy initiated some good changes and that the Divine beings joyfully support us, with the pure happiness that comes from the knowledge things are always working out for you.

Meaning and Symbolism

In order to understand what does message 0011, you need to know more about the viewpoint of the present moment.

In a sense, you could not see the beautiful rainbow if you are looking at the ground, and the same thing is applied to all life situations.

This idea is based on a fact that, if we want to look at things from this perspective, on a universal level, it is based on the fact that time and space are illusions and that everything exists at the moment, including the past and the future.

Life itself is not just linear, and it is just our perception of time on Earth – let us stop here and connect this idea to Angel number 0011.

Enjoy the current moment, enjoy the ride, because it is all you have, and every time you resist it, you are losing the view of the rainbow that is present just for you.

Angels are attempting to help us see that our mind lives in linear time, and our soul does not live according to the principle of linearity but is boundless and timeless.

Let your soul be free, and 0011 want you to start noticing hearts – in a drop of water on a plate, in the shape of a stone, a stain on the road. Anything small and “insignificant” may carry more “miracles” than you could ever imagine.

As far as the symbolism goes – Angel number 0011 is the depiction of the Divine eyes, the glimpse of God, to assist you to start noticing the signs of your Angels, they will send them to you more and more (miracles, as manifestations of whings you want).

Angel number 0011 is a specific sign that you have asked for, sometimes before, this is the message that could only be realized by knowing the truth.

You cannot be led to something that is contrary to your inner truth!

However, when you are in fear of the future, you are convulsed and immobile because fear constricts and incapacitates, you are confused, and your attention is divided and scattered and thus subject to various suggestions.

Focus your attention on one great thing, and try to “stare” to the Divine eyes (0011) because it is the glare that will keep you in balance and reveal the truth.

0011 Angel Number in Love

When you do not absorb the contents that do not love (but the opposite of it, living with the idea that you have it) into your being, you are excluded from the constant emotional murmur of a river of misinformation and conflicting information that essentially has nothing to do with your own life.

These are information that is conflicting you with your true self, that is distracting you from Love, as it is and as it should be.

Angel number 0011 sends the information you truly need is already within yourself. All it takes is obedience and careful listening; the Divine beings are saying to you in the message 0011 that it stands as a signpost for Love. Did you stopped and took a good look at it?

This message 0011 shows how important it is to know where to look – you can notice these signs best when we are relaxed and unburdened when you are present in the moment, for example, when we are on vacation, relaxed, and rested. Then you know that Love is inside you and that the eyes you are “staring at” all the time are not the eyes of God, but its reflection in yours.

In such a state, the deep and profound state of Divine Love, it is generally easier for us to communicate with our invisible leadership – they can hear us more easily than when we are trapped in our own darkness and states that are not loved. Note here that it does not have to be hate; it can be any state that is in opposition to Love.

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Facts about 0011 Angel Number

Angel number 0011 is made out of two separate units that reflect their own vibrational fields – 00 and 11.

Both are, at its core, connected to the spiritual world, or spirituality.

It is relevant to say that they can be connected to things that can be something so ordinary and unusual, as giving full, one hundred percent attention to something, without thinking about anything else you should be doing at that moment.

It is called focus that we have mentioned in the previous sections, and it is one of the traits that are associated with the numerical sequence 0011.

Part 11 stands literally as the start to line up one after the other when we get into what I called the “Divine Stream.

The numerical sequence 0011 gives you the chance to see that the human mind is pure and free, without mental wholes, parts of the ego, those energy defects (that are the worst enemies there can be), which give you a false image of everything.

The Divine beings see, and you experience the world in a completely different way, in a more realistic way, truer than what you have now, or you think you have.


It is sure that life has no real purpose without a spiritual component, and we think that you have known it by now. Spirit is, as Angelical voice seen in the numerical sequence 0011 says, the essence of who we are.

It does not require special beliefs. It just exists. The point of that essence is to be aware of the present moment. It transforms us. It changes the definition of life.

These are all lessons that are seen in the numerical message that comes from the Divine realm 0011.

This is the message that shows that you, as the person chosen from the Divine realm, have the chance to spend some time under the rainbow, and on the higher level, we are all connected to our soul and cosmic consciousness, and we can also transcend time and space on our own.

Enjoy the moment, and Angels are saying, at this moment, the current moment, because the eyes of God 00 show you there is not just one dimension of reality; our soul knows many different dimensions.

So maybe the soul knows a path we haven’t crossed yet. Experiencing this moment is part of our consciousness, which is present only in this dimension that we experience.

The boundaries are infinite, illustrating the reflection of our energy in multidimensional space.

Angel number 0011 shows where you are currently; you are in a Divine Stream, feel guided, protected, and loved by the hand of the Divine beings. And that the world is a magical place.

In the end, there are some concrete ideas on how to feel the moment and enjoy the rainbow that is near you.

Do something good for someone; start your day with a moment of silence where you will show gratitude. Wake up and feel the smell of magic, feel its fragrance with all your senses, to make every moment counts, with pure pleasure, and when you no longer have pure pleasure, to put it aside.

Also, Angel number 0011 shows the beauty of the present moment, as the only moment we have at our disposal, and it represents the door to all moments, it is just you have the chance to look at it with the eyes of God, seen in the double zero, and the Angelical presence is seen in the double 1 part. You are now approaching life; in the present moment can be useful in explaining the beauty of life. Enjoy the rainbow and all gifts that are under it!


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